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American Indian Art Appraisals

140 Ojo De La Vaca Road

Santa Fe, New Mexico 87508

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Dr. Leona Zastrow is an appraiser of American Indian Art, qualified by the Appraisers Association of American Art (AAA). She prefers AAA, the oldest professional association and the one with the most history in appraising personal property. Its purpose is to only appraise personal property and one most prove expertise in the area of specialization.

According to the IRS rules, one must pass the USPAP exam every five years and be accepted as a member of one of the three national associations- AAA, ASA, ISA.

Leona's appraisal for the US Forest Service was the first one ever used to successfully prosecute people who destroyed petroglyphs. She was very proud to be part of that court case and to employ her research appraisal capabilities as part of the US Forest Service case.



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